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Rainforest Aroma Mist

Rainforest Aroma Mist

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This 3.5oz Aroma Mist is perfect for everyday use. Can be used directly on the body, over clothing and fabric, or into the air 

Rainforest is a special combination of essential oils of Cedar, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Patchouli. It has a very woodsy, unisex scent to it.

Please note, this is an essential oil mist and the scent will fade in time. This is not a perfume that will last all day.

Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, Distilled water, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl glycol (and) Sorbic acid (preservative), Fragrance (essential oil blend)

Disclaimer: The information provided-and products available- are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or disease. It is advised that you seek medical advice from a professional before using products with essential oils if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition.

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